Ideaspace is designed for anyone with an active interest in exploring U.S. immigration policy and the possibility of bipartisan consensus as a basis for future legislation. Through Strategic Inquiries that delve deeply into complex issues, Interviews with thinkers and policymakers offering fresh solutions, and the “inductive map” we build to portray the Key Players and Themes driving the immigration debate, we aim to find and encourage meaningful compromise between the left and right.

In due course Ideaspace hopes to apply its research and analysis methods to other essential topics that are ripe for political action, such as our electoral process.

Ideaspace ® is a registered U.S. trademark owned by Ideaspace Project, Inc., an Ohio-based 501(c)(4) non-profit entity. The company is owned by Rick Taft, Founder and President, a retired Ohio business lawyer and local politician with a long-standing interest in the structure of public policy debate. Financial support is provided by contributions, which are not tax-deductible. The Editorial Director for Ideaspace is Jordan Heller, the Research Director is DW Gibson, and the Communications Director is Ariel Miller. Website design is by Mallory Taylor Design.

We welcome comments, questions, and feedback. You can contact us here.

Ideaspace Project, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(4) entity that provides consultation and research services in the area of strategic planning and decision-making for private and public entities, for example, consultation services regarding public regulation of private business.

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