Ideaspace sets out to find and encourage bipartisan consensus on U.S. Immigration Policy. We look for such consensus, current or potential, within the general public, the immigration policy community and all levels of government, especially Congress.

We are committed to strategic perspective and honest inquiry. Therefore we hope to publish in this Forum strategic inquiries into consequential facets of the U.S. immigration policy debate. By consequential we mean capable of influencing the shape of the near future.

The first strategic inquiry, targeted for July, will portray the emerging inner circles of immigration policy advisors around President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden as the presumptive major party 2020 presidential candidates. Further down the road is a rich topic: What do the congressional failures to act on major immigration proposals in 2007 and 2013 teach us about what may happen in 2021?

This space will also provide a curated home for valuable thoughts at any time and from any vantage point authored by Ideaspace or by others. Format can range widely: essays, podcasts, news links, prompted discussion among our users, even photo-stories. Submissions are welcome. Please send to: